About Us

It is a common human desire to seek wellness. As a client of the Gleason Wellness Solutions we will personally tailor a care plan and wellness program specifically to your needs and goals.

Our wellness solutions incorporate Chinese, Japanese and Korean acupuncture methods and place our emphasis on educating patients in the methods we integrate in their treatment; these include life-style changes, meditation techniques, and dietary recommendations. Gleason Wellness Solutions is dedicated to your health. We integrate all the components of our patient’s lives and bring them into balance to restore health. We provide the path to healthy, pain-free living by preserving the alliance of the body and the mind.

Our health care philosophy is based on the premise that we are born to be healthy. In other words, our bodies have an inborn intelligence with a genetic predisposition toward wellness. But often shifts in our bodies from external forces produce blockages that prevent a state of wellness from being fully realized.

Wellness is the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.

This means that achieving wellness is a process of teamwork towards the desired goal of health.

We offer you a recommended care plan focused on preventing illness and prolonging life.
You experience better health especially as a result of deliberate effort.

Our practice’s philosophy is based maintaining satisfied and happy clients. The number of our clients continues to grow as they refer us to their friends, colleagues and family.

If there is ever a reason that you don't feel you can confidently refer your friends, colleagues and family members, we'd like to know why.

Once we do, we'll do everything we can to gain your confidence that we are the premier wellness center in northern New Jersey.